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April 20, 2018
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Apprentice Graduation & Service Award Ceremony 

The Apprentice Graduation & Service Award festivities were a huge success and memorable occassion. Click here to view the pictures!
Why Join?


• On average, union workers earn 27% more than their non-union counterparts.

• Equipment operator wages are significantly better in cities with higher IUOE membership. 

Health Care

• About 83% of union members have jobs that provide health care benefits. 62% of non-union members have the same.

• Local 450 members’ health insurance does not come out of our wages. It is provided for above and beyond the negotiated wage.


The IUOE negotiated pension plan provides a defined benefit upon retirement. Your benefit is determined by how many years of service you have, your determined accrual rate, and the amount contributed on your behalf.

• In the IUOE pension plan, your retirement savings do not come out of your wages, they are paid for by your employer, above and beyond your wages.

Other Benefits

• Just cause – While those not represented by a union are employed “at will”, union members cannot be fired without just cause. When a union member is unjustly fired, the union can work to hold the employer accountable and may be able to get the member’s job reinstated with back pay.

• Apprenticeships, training, and certifications: Our members receive the best training in the industry. Additionally, members can take advantage of keeping their certifications up to date, at no cost. Please see our Apprenticeship/Training page for more info.

• Representation at work: When one of our members is called into a supervisor’s office for disciplinary reasons, he/she has the right to request that a union representative be present. This is called the Weingarten Right.

• Collective Bargaining: When people stand together and bargain over their wages, benefits, and the conditions of their employment, they stand a better chance of reaching a good deal.

• A Right to Vote on Your Contract: As members of the I.U.O.E., workers are guaranteed by the union's constitution the right to vote on contracts negotiated by the union, unless the workers vote to give the approval authority to a committee.

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