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  • June 14, 2021
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  • Contractor Advantage

    Local 450

    Chartered in 1933, Local 450 has over 80 years’ experience in negotiating fair wage and benefits packages for our members while providing the best qualified workforce for our signatory contractors. Our local union represents over 1000 Operating Engineers in the state of Texas. From Orange to San Antonio, McAllen to Austin…and everything in between, the IUOE Local 450 has trained and certified operators and riggers doing the best work in the industry!

    Our union has been completely rebuilt from the ground up in the last few years. Starting with newly elected staff and new office personnel, our union has been aggressively rebuilding our presence in south east Texas.
    In the fall of 2012, we opened our new union hall and a state of the art training facility in Dayton, TX (5 minutes north of Mont Belvieu).

    The International Union of Operating Engineers

    The IUOE has been representing the best heavy equipment operators and building engineers for over 115 years. In addition to our core industries, the IUOE also represents workers in the health industry, in the public sector and in a variety of other service occupations.

    With over 400,000 members today, represented in 123 local unions all over the United States and Canada, the IUOE is the 10th largest union in the AFL-CIO.

    The Union Advantage for Contractors

    By participating in the Local 450 Health Fund and the Central Pension Fund, your employees are provided with the tools necessary to stay healthier (and more productive) and to be able to afford a dignified retirement.

    • IUOE Local 450 trained workers are more efficient.
    • Better trained worker are safer on the job – fewer accidents can affect your workers compensation and insurance rates.
    • By going through Local 450, you can greatly reduce your expenses for finding qualified workers. You will not have to place employment ads, spend valuable time interviewing dozens of candidates, or waste time by finding the right applicant only to have them fail a drug screen or background check.

    The Local 450 Health Fund Advantage

    Healthy workers are productive workers!

    • Simplifies dealing with the Affordable Care Act requirements.
    • All claim disputes are directed to the fund office.
    • Your recurring insurance contract negotiations are eliminated.
    • Administrative time and expense is minimized.
    • Medical, dental, vision, disability and death benefits.

    Central Pension Fund

    • Eliminates employer fiduciary responsibility.
    • Minimizes employer administrative burden, costs, and fees associated with third-party outsourcing of fund investments, management and employee education.
    • Contributions are fixed for the duration of your contract.

    Local 450 Apprenticeship Program

    Our union is very proud of our new state of the art apprenticeship program and training/certification site. With over 300 acres in Dayton, Texas, we have plenty of room to grow our training site into one of the best in the nation! Currently, we already have areas designated for NCCCO certifications, forklift training, and our inside classrooms are designed with university-quality education in mind.

    Our apprentices have the opportunity to work with a great line up of equipment. We have a Liebherr tower crane, Link-Belt lattice boom crawler, Tadano and Terex swing-cab pickers, carry-decks, and several pieces of dirt-moving equipment. The South/Central Texas commercial building market is booming and this acquisition is just another example of our union’s commitment to remain current with the training needs of our area.
    Also, we have begun a detailed, top notch rigging training and certification curriculum.

    Benefits of hiring the best trained workforce in Texas include

    • Deliver projects on-time and on budget.
    • By using apprentices on your projects, you can lower your labor costs.
    • No need to look for outside training to meet the upcoming OSHA crane certification requirements.
    • Safety on the job is hammered into our apprentices from day one!

    The Local 450 Referral Process

    Local 450 maintains an up-to-date list of available, qualified operators and riggers.
    • Operators and riggers available for short-term and long term projects.
    • Avoid the need to hire permanent employees for short periods of increased business.
    • All of our members’ certifications are on file.

    Contractor Advantage

    To find out more about the advantages of partnering with the IUOE Local 450, please contact Business Manager C.L. Wiggins at 936-258-5516.


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